Balanced Development Policy

 1. Purpose of the report

The purpose of this document is to analyze the business Speedmail for Social Responsibility.

The report presents the policy of the company, according to which voluntarily take into account the interests of society and the environment in their strategies, activities in the postal market, as well as in its relations with the various stakeholder groups.

2. Characteristics and company profile

Company SPEEDMAIL Sp. z o.o. the National Court Register was entered on July 27, 2011.

As a nationwide postal operator provides services in the field of mass communications for companies and institutions throughout the country.

It specializes in serving business and institutional clients distributing regular, express, registered letters and addressed marketing mail.

Through its distribution points in Polish key locations and a solid partners network, the company creates ideal service area covering more than 100 outlets throughout the country.

Established to provide professional postal services in September 2011 was entered into the Register of Postal Operators maintained by the Office of Electronic Communications under the number B-00409.

Speedmail is the first entity on the Polish market dedicated exclusively to P4B (Post for Business).

Is a partner of Emerson, the largest independent producer mass mailing in Central and Eastern Europe, with an annual volume of manufactured items is more than 250mln pieces.

As the first in Poland, the company Speedmail enables its customers a complete record of each given to letter-post, which was previously possible only in the case of a courier service, as well as introduced the innovative service PDC, including the provision of professional services contracts on behalf of the Client.

3. The vision and mission of the company based on the concepts of sustainability

BusinessResponsibilityis understood by us as a way of economic and social development with the rational management of scarce natural resources of our planet.

Customer and employee satisfaction and respect of the public is in Speedmail goals as important as the success and profits of the provided services.

The company's mission was to provide companies and institutions attractive in terms of price and quality of postal services, while respecting all environmental requirements, legal and other related business.       

Vision assumes:

  • complete customer satisfaction with services provided
  • continuously improve the quality of services
  • timeliness and maximum efficiency service
  • innovation in the delivery of services

Model management company Speedmail Sp. z oo, implementing strategies in the field of sustainable development, it is assumed appropriate and consciously shaped relationship between its economic growth, respect for the environment and satisfying the social needs of employees.

Duebalance between these areas will allow for long-term business strategy planning and operation of the company.

4. Corporate Social Responsibility

Company Speedmail fully voluntarily going beyond the minimum legal requirements, take into account the social and environmental issues in its business operations and relations with stakeholders.

Our aim is to be responsible and ethical behavior with respect to social groups to which we interact with the greatest possible respect for the natural environment.We create a work environment for persons with disabilities as they are highly qualified and often overlooked in society - fitness for the work.

4.1. Respect for workers' rights

The Company's goal is to continually provide decent working conditions and secure employment, using all necessary personal protective equipment and ensuring the maintenance of labor standards consistent with the requirements of health and safety regulations.

In order to ensure proper quality of the work we invest in the latest equipment and tools. We equip the postmen in the clothing company, we provide group insurance.

We offer various forms of employment, flexible approaching the capabilities and availability of workers.

We attach great importance also to the corresponding motivate employees to strengthen the desire to bind their professional future with the company.

It also offers training to improve skills and developing new skills.

The company also ensures a comfortable atmosphere in the company, taking care of positive relationships between employees.

No barriers between management and employees, equal treatment of all employees, and clear working rules for the company Speedmail are core values ​​that create a friendly atmosphere and appropriate professional relationships.

4.2. Social environment

As an important employer in the region, we are aware that exert a significant impact on the local community and its development.

We support measures to increase social activity and attach great importance to ensure that our activities was the result of a good knowledge of the expectations and needs of the local environment.

We work with Labour Offices, thus facilitating the graduates work placement and actively contributing to the fight against unemployment.

Due to the dynamicdevelopment of the market, we are also a valuable source of jobs throughout the country.

4.3. Relationships with customers

In the interest of our clients comply with all applicable in Poland and the EU consumer rights.

This means that Speedmail in the provision of services:

  • accurately inform the customer about the types, terms and method of services provision
  • service delivery process performs with the procedures and the highest quality standards
  • responsibility for improperly realized service
  • respond to the notification of non-compliance of the service agreement in accordance with the deadline set out in the complaint handling

Speedmail cares about the customer, offering a wide range of services. Thanks to personalize our offer, we are able to offer a service tailored to individual customer needs.

4.4. Protecting the environment

Speedmail Sp. z o.o. is aware of the liability incurred by the Company for the protection of the environment during the execution of business activities.

Speedmail company cares about the environment through compliance with the applicable legal requirements and other requirements for the protection of the environment.

It aims to strive for continuous reduction potential, adverse impact on the environment by::

  • reduction of emissions to the atmosphere
  • increasing the participation of the use of energy-efficient office equipment and light sources
  • segregation of garbage and conducting responsible waste management
  • monitoring the heat energy consumption, as well as water and wastewater
  • use biodegradable detergents
  • rational use of electricity
  • promoting pro-environmental attitudes among employees and contractors.

Employees are encouraged to save energy at home and at work, initiate and take part in events to promote green thinking and to take any other actions that reflect their concern for the environment.

On a daily basis, as a company operating in the logistics industry, Speedmail seek primarily to reduce adverse impacts on the environment in the area of transport shipments.

The main ecological projects are focused on aspects:

  • selection of modern means of transportation meet European emission standards
  • modal shift from the car to the bicycle, the promotion of means of transport, which do not generate unnecessary pollution
  • optimizing routes postmen on the basis of map extracts from GPS routes
  • rational route planning, reducing empty, maximum utilization of the vehicle loading space
  • increasing the environmental awareness among employees and promote environmentally friendly activities

We are aware of the consequences associated with contamination of the environment and not remain passive in the continuous improvement of procedures and take measures to protect the environment.

5. Summation

Speedmail Sp. z o.o. understood performs multi-level Strategy for Sustainable Development, which confirms this report.

Also applies all efforts to communicate ambient sound values​​, which is headed.

We are committed to implementing CSR in various ways, realizing commitments ethical, social and ecological.

We believe that this will contribute not only to the satisfaction of our customers, but also the further development of Speedmail.