Speedmail is a Poland-wide postal operator, expert in the field of mass correspondence. In September 2011, the company was listed in the Postal Operators’ Register run by the Office of Electronic Communications under number B-00409.

The company’s background was the willingness to draw from our experience and aggregation of clients’ needs. In provision of services process we conect on the one hand  innovative management methods and modern technologies, on the other hand experience of specialists and proven logistic solutions.

Realising this project together with Emerson -  the biggest producer of mass correspondence in East-Central Europe, the company ensures its clients integration of production process and delivery, therefore reducing costs and correspondence delivery time.

We create new quality standard on polish postal service market. We offer to our customers a broad package of benefits arising from implemented and used solutions.

Proven information technology solutionssystem pocztowy

The operating system which has been implemented is dedicated closely to delivery service.

The system has the functionalities enabling the full control over the processes related to delivery, returns handling, and settlement.

Full records of mail delivery process

Each mail, notwithstanding the category, is registered within a system, has its own unique identity number and is monitored on the particular phases of distribution process by tracking service.

The possibility of verification of the mail status via Internet enables to state at any time if and when mail was delivered, , with  keeping the highest security standards.

Monitoring of delivery process - based on GPS system

monitoring procesu doręczeńTargeo digital maps integrated with advanced postmen’s route monitoring system enable viewing visualisations of GPS routes from mail delivering by postmen together with their delivery verification.

All the Speedmail postmen are equipped with GPS devices, which allow to verificate the effectiveness of mail delivery.

The control of the postmen's routes allows us to optimize the delivery areas on an ongoing basis, so as to ensure the highest quality of the provided services.

Use of innovative logistic solutions

We use fully computerising sorting mail processes on particular, unique areas base.  Consingments sorting is automatically performed as early as at the stage of production.

Central sorting,  performed directly for each delivery area, increases the efficiency of our employees' work; and  automatic information generated by the system provides in advance the field units with data on the number of consignments intended for delivery

Flexible pricespoczta dla biznesu

We pay attention to offer our clients the most optimal solutions as far as postal delivery is concerned. Short delivery time, mail security and cost effectiveness are the most important for us.

Our prices are tailored specifically to our customers’ needs. We offer very attractive discount schemes.

Experienced staff

Managers employed in Speedmail are the people with broad knowledge and experience in the industry of postal and courier services.

As a result, we implement the best standards and proven solutions.

The possibility to integrate the production process with the delivery

Advanced integration and the partnership with the Emerson company enable our client to gain additional benefits resulting from the comprehensive service in the field of consignment production and delivery.