Environmental Policy

Speedmail Sp. z o.o. is aware of the liability incurred by the Company for the environmental protection during the execution of business activities.

Speedmail company cares about the environment through compliance with the applicable legal requirements and other requirements for the protection of the environment.

It aims to strive for continuous reduction potential, adverse impact on the environment by:

  • reduction of emissions to the atmosphere
  • increasing the use of energy-efficient office equipment and light sources
  • segregation of garbage and conducting responsible waste management
  • monitoring the heat energy consumption, as well as water and wastewater
  • use biodegradable detergents
  • rational use of electricity
  • promoting pro-environmental attitudes among employees and contractors.

Employees are encouraged to save energy at home and at work, initiate and take part in events to promote green thinking and to take any other actions that reflect their concern for the environment.

On a daily basis, as a company operating in the logistics industry, Speedmail seek primarily to reduce adverse impacts on the environment in the area of ​​transport shipments.

The main ecological projects are focused on aspects:

  • selection of modern means of transportation meet European emission standards
  • modal shift from the car to the bicycle, the promotion of means of transport, which do not generate unnecessary pollution
  • optimizing routes postmen on the basis of map extracts from GPS routes
  • rational route planning, reducing empty, maximum utilization of the vehicle loading space
  • increasing the environmental awareness among employees and promote environmentally friendly activities

We are aware of the consequences associated with contamination of the environment and not remain passive in the continuous improvement of procedures and take measures to protect the environment.