Modern platform for correspondence office.

For your comfort and satisfaction with the services Speedmail provide a range of functionality,
fully available on-line.

  • A comprehensive approach to transmit correspondence
  • Quick Search shipments
  • The tracking in one place
  • Automatic dictionaries Address (prompting addresses)
  • Personal Address Book
  • The ability to import shipments from file
  • Powerful generator labels
  • Electronic preparation and printing of books in the broadcasting division of the operator and the date of posting
  • System address envelopes and prepare prints Return Receipt

Greenweb is a universal application designed for small and medium-sized enterprises implementing shipping via Speedmail, Speedmail Mail Poland and on its own agreement with the Polish Post. Allows you to comprehensively manage your own correspondence.

The application runs personal address book senders and receivers, transmitters generates books, produces prints Return Receipt, printing on envelopes, and even self-adhesive labels on prints.

All data generate output fully automatically based on pre-prepared items.

Intuitive operation in fusion with solutions matched to strictly implemented broadcasts are the determinants that will shape any changes in the application, in order to fully meet the demands of our customers.