Postal service

Our offer is addressed to business and institutional clients.

We concentrate on the performance of the postal service with regard to:

We accept and deliver mail without declared value in accordance with the following criteria:

Dimension A

  • Mail weight: to 2000 g
  • Maximum mail dimensions: length 325 mm, width 230 mm, thickness 20 mm
  • Minimum dimensions are limited by the size of the address field, i.e.: length 140 mm, width 90 mm

Dimension B

  • Mail weight: to 2000 g
  • Minimum - if at least one dimension exceeds 20 mm and length 325 mm and width 230mm
  • Maximum - the sum of length, width and height 900 mm, the largest of these dimensions (length) can not exceed 600 mm.

Mail is delivered by means of mail boxes.

Wide range of additional services, including:

  • comprehensive returns service
  • redirection
  • reporting
  • keeping records of the mail throughout its delivery way (T&T)
  • receipt of mail from the place indicated by the customer

Specialisation enable to offer services by unique quality nad high effectiveness on polish market.